Dining Room

Dining Room Ideas So Good, Your Guests Won’t Want to Leave

A meal is best enjoyed surrounded by your friends and family—especially when set against a stylish backdrop. In your dining room, you can create a dreamy setting that you and your guests will never want to leave. To make sure it’s the ideal setup for dinner parties and everyday use, we’ve gathered some of the chicest dining rooms we’ve ever seen in a variety of styles—from modern to industrial, traditional to eclectic, and beyond. Whether you want to redecorate or simply need a little inspiration, we have a Slot NexusEngine designer-approved blueprint for you to recreate at home. Get ready to take notes on these stunning dining room decorating ideas. They’re sure to impress anyone who enters (no matter how inedible the pot roast is—kidding)


It’s easy to fill wall niches in your dining room with decor, but you can emphasize them even more with a simple wallcovering. In a Virginia dining room, designer Joe Ireland used a handmade tissue wallcovering by Twin Diamond Studios in the niches to set an elegant backdrop for decorative plates.


If you like the idea of mixed dining chairs but still appreciate an element of cohesiveness, use the same chair in different colors and finishes. Here, design duo Cortney and Robert Novogratz added the same chair in different neutral fabrics and wood finishes to the 12-foot-long dining table in their West Village home.


Make sure ingredients for cocktail and mocktail refills are within reach by incorporating a built-in bar unit, like the one in this dining room by designer Eneia White. The custom unit looks like an actual piece of furniture thanks to a coat of Black Satin paint by Benjamin Moore and antique-inspired hardware sourced on Etsy.


Kids’ tables can certainly be cozy and chic. Just take it from the small seating area in a California home’s dining room designed by Alexandra Loew. Situated in the bay window, the setup serves as the kids’ table during big gatherings.